Sunday, September 14, 2014

Georgia Rae- 3 Months Old!

September 12th - Georgia is 3 months old!

Eyes: still hanging onto blue
Clothes: Size 3 months
Diapers: merging into size 2
Nursing: breastfeeding every 2-3 hours during the day (she REFUSES bottles & pacifiers)
Weight: approximately 12.5lbs per home scale

Sleep: I "dream feed" her at 10:30pm each night before going to bed. She wakes up around 4am to nurse and then goes right back to sleep and then wakes around 7:15-7:30am for the day. Georgia is now sleeping flat in her cradle with the help of reflux medicine!
Playtime: It is so fun to see her starting to grab at toys in front of her! She likes to lay on the play mat and grab at all the sensory objects.
She enjoys sitting in the Bumbo for short periods of time to watch us cook...or have a chat with Bailey. 

On August 8th, we took Georgia for her 1st swim! She enjoyed it after the initial dip.
Georgia got to try out the jumperoo for the first time Friday and I was surprised she actually pushed off her legs to bounce a little bit! 

Tummy time doesn't last very long. She gets so agitated with it and starts thrashing around. No rolling over yet but she has gotten very close.

Personality: She is such an alert baby! She pays attention to what is happening around her and is easily waken by her playing sisters. I call her my "serious baby". She wants constant attention already. Maybe she knows she has 3 sisters and wants to stand out! 
Staring Contest!

She is starting to laugh, although I have to really work for it. She thinks it's funny if I fake sneeze and she also likes playing patty cake. Georgia is finally ticklish too!

Next pediatrician appt: October 13th and we will discuss starting rice cereal!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Reese's 1st Week of Kindergarten

Reese's 1st week of kindergarten is complete!

Monday - Reese came home smiling! They went to the gym (PE). She said the day was "awesome, fun & happy"! She made a new friend, Lila.
Tuesday - Ms. Keener asked her if she could spell her last name "super fast" and she did "so everyone could hear". They went to the library and checked out a book. FOUR boys went to the office from her class. She made a new friend, Hailey, and they hugged at recess. Clara, a previous ballet friend, held her hand at recess. She also became friends with the two Annabels in her class. After school Reese said "school is so fun I want to stay there all the time"!
Wednesday- Ms. Keener asked her to spell mom and dad and she did. Then she asked her if she could spell any of her sister's names and she spelled Emma. They went to gym (PE) and did stretches. She spelled her name with play doh. She came home and said she made some "boyfriends", Luke & Kai.
Thursday- Ms. Keener re-asked her to spell mom and dad to see if she really knew it. Reese said Ms. Keener told her "you must do a lot of flashcards!" They went to music and learned the rules about caring for the instruments. She spelled her name with beans. 
Friday- Spirit day! Reese went to school in her spirit shirt and hair bow. Ms. Keener asked her to spell cat and dog, which she did.They went to gym (PE) and played a crab game where the girls walked like crabs and the boys stepped over them and visa versa.

They read a story David Goes to School and then had to draw the character to display on the classroom door. Reese came home and repeated her drawing. 

Before bed tonight, I asked her what her favorite part of the whole school week was. She said "EVERYTHING!"

Monday, August 25, 2014

Reese's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Reese is in Kindergarten!

When I woke her up this morning she said "Do I always have to wake up this early? I can see the stars!" She was so excited this morning! She requested a "popping egg" and a donut for breakfast.
Kindergarten Survey

Reese lead us to her classroom

Her Cubby

Daddy saying Goodbye...

I managed to keep it together and not cry! I am actually shocked since I cried several times last week over the thought of her starting school. We can't wait to pick her up this afternoon and hear all about her fun 1st day!